Reading Torua

In reading we are learning to focus on reading for a set of purpose skimming and scanning. I am reading camouflage creatures. We have to find 6 facts from our book an write them down. Some smls include our reading books. I'll know I can do this when I can find the key ideas. Something I enjoyed in reading was guessing the question that Miss B said.

Maths Tapawaru

In maths i am learning to know fractions and know how many pieces there are and know how many are shaded.and know which one is the numerator and the denomentor. i will know when i can order fractions based on their size.something i enjoyed in maths was the biggest fraction to the smallest fraction.

Writing Report

I am learning to write an information report. My report is about a Ruru/Morepork and we have to go on a ipad and find facts about our birds we wanted to write about. Our birds we chose are native birds. I will know I can do this when I can plan and write an information report with a title, topic, sentence and a group of facts about a subject. Something I enjoyed in writing was writing our information report.

Learner Qualities

I am learning to communicate.

I'll know I can do this when i can identify a variety of ways to communicate with others.

I will communicate with people by using my hands without talking.

Creative Writing - Scripts

We are learning to write scripts to create a play.

We know we are successful if our script has:
- multiple characters
- a setting
- character speech
- stage direction (in a different colour to the speech)

Once we have written our scripts we are creating the plays using Puppet Pals.

My play is called "The Forest Journey"


Avia 's Post on Friday, 7 April 2017

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Hyperbole I have been learning how to create an example of Hyperbole. This a statement or a claim that is not meant to be taken seriously. This is my example... the fish I caught was as big as the house. Next time I would like to be better than this time